Blessed Helper of Many


Before working with Jean, my biggest challenge was that I felt broken as a soul and that I would always feel that way. And then, of course, my constant lack of self-belief when it came to building my business!

Since working with Jean, I have come to believe that feeling ‘broken’ doesn’t mean that I am not whole. That I already AM whole and perfect as I am. I believe in myself, my confidence has grown, my first 1500 greeting cards have been printed and selling in various shops now. I know that Jean believes in me and it has made all the difference in my attitude towards myself.

The most important thing you need to know about Jean?! I don’t think there is ‘A’ most important thing. Jean believes in me, my heart and soul. I never doubted that through our year of working together.

She truly wishes for all people an incredible life full of juiciness and magic. She sometimes knew me better than myself and has guided me through a year of immense rough changes in my life. She has been my rock in stormy seas through that time and taught me how to be my own rock, too.

She was like an Angel, gently presenting herself to me when I needed it the most. Like a friend, a mother, a gentle but, when I needed it, tough guiding soul.

She was there to remind me when I had forgotten about my own light and I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, her persistence, her trust in me, her skills and love for me as a fellow soul. Not enough words, other than THANK YOU to a truly blessed helper of many.