Play. Create. Succeed.


From Mohini Basu:

Make no mistake. The book is a workbook. To allow the honey to drop, you have to work through it. Do the exercises, pick up your pieces, realise that you are, after all, a jigsaw, and not a broken vase. As she promises, she will make you soft around the edges to let light in, and she will filter your core, to let your light pour out… and she will put you through the clearest mirror of self-analysis that you would have ever come across. She lets you set your pace, but just like life, she will just not give up on you till you have burst into a thousand blossoms.

From Natalie Solgala-Kaz:

Be ready to be loved, learn to love yourself and be love. Here starts a journey to patiently, soulfully explore the different layers of being. Here starts a journey to surrender. Here starts a journey to the other side – love. You are in good hands. Go play, go create, go succeed.

So, if you’re ready… let’s journey together for a short while – through the pages of this book. I have some seeds of information we can plant together and, when the time is right, the plant will grow and blossom into fullness. If you prefer, we can paint a picture together that, over time, will become a masterpiece.

You may have guessed by now that this book will require a bit of thought, a bit of activity and a bit of time for you to receive the most out of it. I invite you to take a chance, keep an open mind and heart and dive in wherever you think you are ready to go. Be gentle with yourself and anyone who may be doing this with you. You can always read the bits you miss or do the exercises later. There is no right way… just the way you need to travel through this book now.

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Play.Create.Succeed. is a book and a workbook to motivate and inspire you to explore and discover the treasures you can find within YOU.

It guides you easily and comfortably through a variety of exercises to help shift your perspective and create magic. Yes, there is some excavation, some real treasure hunting to soften your edges and filter your core. When you clear the clutter and the debris and open up to your brilliance, light pours out and healing happens… at your own pace, in your own time, with grace.

Read the book, do the work and begin the adventure of a lifetime! When you complete it, you will never be the same again. You will feel clear and complete. You will make peace with yourself.

Let this be a benediction to the Divine BE-ing YOU are! Brilliant, loving, at peace and ready for the next adventure! ♥


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