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Unearth and excavate your resistance, fears, and blocks and find resilience, peace, and harmony. Mapping the Heart is an up to 30-day intensive, intimate and customized process of inquiry. Take a journey of discovery through resistance to resilience, the adventure of your life!

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    Identify where resistance shows up in your life.

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    Identify the life you desire to lead.

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    Work, Break, Release

    Work through obstacles, break down barriers, release fears.

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    Celebrate breakthroughs and transformational moments.

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    Embed shifts and changes that serve you.

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    Manifest and Achieve

    Manifest and Achieve a life of resilience and thrive!

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Dive Into this Incredible, Life-Changing Process

I urge you to take the plunge! Dive into this incredible, life changing process. I have spent the last 25 days, for 2 hours every week day, intimately working with Jean, to unearth, excavate, examine and purposefully transform myself. Jean gently guides you through each stage, not letting you escape into denial or resistance. Your willingness to dive ever deeper… Read more “Dive Into this Incredible, Life-Changing Process”

Eithne Muffy O'Connor Warren

What Do YOU Gain?

"This is priceless, infinite and valuable beyond measure – find your way home to your heart! ♥" - Eithne Warren



Set a new direction and signpost your journey as you go. Newfound confidence is just ahead.



Get to the bottom of what you've been avoiding and move through your fears. Breathe easier.



Discover your courage, strength and willingness to love yourself. Be free of self-imposed barriers.

Take away tools and resources you can use as you need and develop a few new skills as we go.

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