Make a Difference

It’s All You!

Everything is connected. Everything is global. You want to make a difference. You know it starts with you. Change your life. Change your world. It’s an epic outreach program and it’s all YOU.

Raise the Bar

Take off the blinkers of your limitations. Go beyond your expectations. Engage ALL your senses. Settle only for support and encouragement. Reach higher than your dreams. Feel your edges and dare to go beyond them. Love yourself first. Care for yourself first. You will need all your strength and resources for the divine work that is YOU.

Pursue Gratitude

Gratitude expands our world. It softens our hearts and renews our soul. It is the single most powerful catalyst as it turns everything to joy and love and invokes peace. Pursue it with all of you. Be grateful for everything. Make it part of your every day.

Get Creative

Creativity is connectivity, innovation, joy, possibility, motivation, juice, synthesis and fun! It brings us to a state of fearlessness and faith. When you are in the space of creativity, you are in a state of surrender and flow. Let go of the need to be perfect. The only perfection is imperfection. Whatever you’re guarding, let it be free!


There is no meaning in our lives without contribution. Share yourself. Share your resources: wisdom, love, time, talent, skills, assets – your passion! Give without expectation or condition. Receive without expectation or condition. Leave your legacy. The world needs more of YOU.

Emerge. Be seen. Be heard. Do it with love.Gupta Deva

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