Strategic. Maximizer. Futuristic. Ideation. Connectedness. Intellection. Positivity.


  • that all things are connected in an infinite number of ways.
  • there is always a way forward as long as you are willing to be open to see it.
  • the language you choose to use in your thoughts and the words you write and speak demonstrate your presence and determine the actions you will take.
  • anything is possible. everything is easy. if you allow it to be so.
  • we are the single most important contributors to our own sense of worth, our peace of mind and our well-being.
  • there is no greater resistance you can undertake than to stand in love.
  • the world is a much better place because you are here, now.


Many years working, watching, writing, editing and being part of business, entertainment, hospitality, teaching, management, healthcare and ministry. Authored books, created decks of cards, painted pictures, sculpted in clay, and used whatever was at hand to bring to life something absolutely magical. Sang with University choirs and in amateur dramatics, discovered voice over opportunities, and immersed in public speaking with groups from all over the world.

Helped others through loss and grief, through doubts and fears. Witnessed them discover their brilliance and rejoiced in their illumination.


Now, I choose to engage online with people from all over the globe one-to-one to help them fulfill their potential, maximize their strengths, empower their language and turn their lives in the direction of their dreams.

Contact me to connect and discover more.

Working with Jean is an absolute joy. She listens to you and then, in a very safe and easy way, gently introduces you to patterns of behaviour that you weren’t previously aware of. She then holds a safe space so you can explore different and new ways of seeing a situation – giving a higher perspective and this is truly empowering. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has a rare gift!
Angela Bradshaw
Before working with Jean, I had a hard time believing in myself. After working with Jean, I realise that I am enough, think about things from a more empowered perspective, believe everything is all good (or will be soon) and I have expanded my dreams tenfold. Jean’s wisdom will blow your mind! Be ready to be different after working with her! You’ll be so glad you did!
Ladina Battin
Jean has a natural talent of bringing the best out in people in a safe and playful environment. After each session with Jean, I felt empowered, confident and ready to take on new adventures and expand who I am and become all I could be. I found myself longing for each new session, excited with anticipation for what the session may bring.  [Read More]
Jennie Hunt
Jean Hamilton-Fford is likely the most actively creative person I know. She does not just talk the talk spiritual transformation and flowing the creative work, she produces results, day after day, even with the challenge of a chronic health condition. You want inspiration for your journey and your projects? You are in the right place.
Joanne Sprott
I can wholeheartedly recommend Jean to anyone looking for a guide/mentor or just that little voice of reason. Before working with Jean, I often felt like a small boat adrift at sea. I had no clarity in my thinking and often found myself paddling around aimlessly, expending a lot of energy whilst achieving very little. Jean calmly looked at the bigger picture and steered me towards my destination. [Read More]
Yvonne Bruce
Before working with Jean, my biggest challenge was that I felt broken as a soul and that I would always feel that way. And then, of course, my constant lack of self-belief when it came to building my business! Since working with Jean, I have come to believe that feeling ‘broken’ doesn’t mean that I am not whole. That I already AM whole and perfect as I am. [Read More]
Louise Sofia Weir
Jean is a radiant light in this world, a compassionate soul, and a truly talented artist. Wherever you are on your spiritual path, Jean’s loving presence will be a welcome guide or companion.
C.C. Campbell