2017 Overview

The Year

ENTANGLEMENT: The first four months of the year (Jan-Apr) are all about Entanglement. In the traditional Tarot, this is card 16, the Tower. Keywords here are disaster, sudden change, revelation and upheaval but don’t catastrophize too much. Keep in mind that these are usually intense, short, sharp possibilities that result in regeneration, growth and development. Look for the silver lining!

ENVISIONING: The next four months (May-Aug) are all about Envisioning. In the traditional Tarot, this is card 1, the Magician. Keywords here are power, skill, action, resourcefulness, concentration. Take heart, from the first four months we are moving into magic! You have gone through a period that gave you the tools you need to create a brighter future. Make it happen!

ENCHANTMENT: The remaining four months (Sep-Dec) are all about Enchantment. In the traditional Tarot, this is card 18, the Moon. Keywords for this card are illusion, anxiety, subconscious, fear, insecurity. This is the time to slow down and move through the remaining of the year with discernment where you can achieve it. Remember that nothing is as it appears. Compassion and kindness are key and good humor goes a long way. Be gentle with yourself and others. Much love!

The Months

I’ve chosen a card from the E22 Tarot, the Amaranthine Lenormand and the Genesis OracleModule 1 for each month of 2017. I hope you enjoy what you find.