“To develop gradually, to unroll from a source.” This is just one of the many definitions for evolve.

We also know that things can evolve quickly through cataclysmic means. For instance, when a sudden loss or great addition impacts us, we can be forced to rapidly evolve to be something more than we were before the event.

I prefer the former to the latter… developing gradually and unrolling seems to me the most graceful option.

Gupta Deva reminds us, “All is vibration in transition.”

This is the way we evolve, through transition, through shifting our vibration to support and define who we are every moment of our lives.

All is vibration in transition.Gupta Deva
Where is there transition in your life? This is where evolution is taking place.

Wisdom lives here. It reveals itself through transition. Become more aware of things that are shifting and you become more aware of your own evolution. Your wisdom speaks from this unfolding space.

Resist the transition, the shift, the change and you invite pain and difficulty.

Embrace the transition, the shift, the change and you invite joy and ease.

What will you choose?

The Opportunity

You have an opportunity on your doorstep for evolution. What does this look like?

It begins with a willingness to question everything and to accept the answers that you find. Whatever comes, allow it to rest lightly on your shoulders and in your mind. Try it on for size, fit and comfort.

It continues with an awareness that not all things are ‘fitting’ as they should. You find yourself discontented and uncomfortable and wondering what it is that is keeping you awake, making you nervous and weighing you down.

This is when things shift to a knowledge that things that do not serve you must be allowed to pass. Let them go. Most of these will deal with issues from the past. Remember that they are in the past and have little relevance to the moment… now.

Most of our past issues are related to our memories around feelings and pictures that are, at best, fuzzy. The more distant they are in our past, the more we are called upon to keep them alive through storytelling and, as we change and grow, so does our story. Before long, these past memories are little more than fantasy. Let them go and rest assured that they are not forgotten and they are not yours to deal with or rectify. Leave that up to my sister Karma. She is the great equalizer.

Some of this will entangle our desires and most of these desires rest in the future. Very few desires live in this moment… now. Let them go knowing that we very rarely know what we want. Even when we think we do, we very rarely have a detailed idea, a full expression of what we want in our view port.

Know that your desires are in safekeeping without your need to focus upon them. We shift and change every day and we can allow our desires to rest easy as we will shift and change our desires as we go. It is enough.

Instead, focus on the questions you ask. Begin with these:

  1. Who am I right now?
  2. What do I do right now?
  3. What do I believe right now?
  4. What do I value right now?
  5. What do I know right now?
  6. What story am I willing to bring to life right now?
  7. What am I willing to fully accept and change right now?

After a period of reflection, answer with frank honesty and know that only you need to know the answers. There is no requirement to share them with anyone.

Do this practice over an extended period of time and you will find that your world begins to look a little different. Perhaps it is more vibrant and alive. Perhaps it is more relaxed and at ease. It will be whatever you create and feel the way you want to feel in the moment.

Loving you from here! ♥

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