Embrace everything! There is no need to resist. Whatever is yours will not pass you by. Whatever isn’t yours will leave you high and dry.

Embrace is as easy to do as you make it. When you embrace something you gladly and eagerly receive it, you willingly accept it. You take it in and let it infiltrate every cell of your being, every fiber, every wave of energy. You surround it, encircle it, enclose it with all that you have in a great big hug.

Sounds like fun, right? It’s awesome when it’s something you are ready to embrace!

Evolve. Balance. Embrace. Do the first two and then give embrace a go.

Whatever is yours will not pass you by. Whatever isn’t yours will leave you high and dry.
If you’re ready to put embrace into practice, here are some things you can do to help yourself.

Stop looking outside yourself for answers. Workshops, programs, shiny objects, gurus, teachers… will offer you what you think you want to hear. The real answers, however, can only be found in you, through you, for you. Look within.

Remember to breathe. When we consciously breathe we allow ourselves to relax and come into alignment with who we are. We find peace and clarity easy to obtain and we can embrace anything with ease from this safe and loving space.

In that space, be willing to let go of any judgment or expectations. They are unnecessary and completely false in what they bring your way. Discernment is best found within, from a place of peace and clarity. Remember to breathe.

Freedom comes at a cost. That cost is your willingness to release yourself from ties, obligations, associations, individuals, jobs, etc. that do not serve you. You know what I mean. These things that you consent to will berate, demean, denigrate and keep you contained and small. This is what you consent to. Find your freedom and say no. Find your freedom and do something that supports and uplifts you. Find your freedom and love yourself first.

Are you ready? Give it a try. Anything is possible.

  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you need to achieve your dreams?
  • What is keeping you small?
  • What are you willing to release?
  • What are you willing to embrace?
  • When are you willing to begin?

It’s your choice. It always is. Examine what you consent to in your life. That may be the place to begin again.

Oh… and, remember to breathe. It does a body, soul, heart and mind good. Loving you from here! ♥

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