What is Conversational Coaching?

Stimulate your thinking. Hear yourself clearly for the first time. Discover more of who you are. Change your life.

Conversational Coaching is a process of open and shared dialogue and inquiry that unfolds layers and reveals the depth of you. Employing active listening, reflection, exercises and tools to uncover patterns of behavior, thought and language, Conversational Coaching gives you a safe place to change and transform your life.

Who is it for?

If you:

  • know you need to change your life to shift your career, your marriage, or your relationships
  • have hit a dead end or a wall and need to shift your perspective and focus to problem-solve
  • are creatively blocked and need to move forward once more
  • are over 18 and are able to make decisions for yourself
  • are ready and willing to take action

Set up a connection call with me and we will speak online over Zoom. (If you have not used Zoom, you will be asked to download an app to connect the call. Please show up in time to connect (at least 5 minutes before the call), so we can connect at the scheduled time.)

Set Up a Connection Call Now

What is Required?

You are responsible for preparing before the call as you are responsible for the energy you bring to the connection. Please come well-rested, hydrated, fed and calm.

Please come with a beginner’s mind and an open heart. This means be willing to set aside what you think you know and to commit to creating transparent and clean dialogue as we begin this process.

Be resourceful, on time and have alternatives to implement if your technology fails. Try to find a quiet and uninterrupted space. If that is not possible, please use a headset or earphones to minimize disruption.

Have pen and paper to hand for note taking. I share tools and resources as required.

Is There Any Evidence that this Works?

Are You Ready?