It’s the only way to make lasting change. Be willing. Be open. Open your arms. Open your heart. Open your mind. Life waits for no one. Change happens.
YOU happen.

Let Go

Let Go

Releasing, clearing, de-cluttering; letting go is a never-ending practice. It is vital to surrender and it includes everything from thoughts and things, to people, situations, beliefs and values. Everything changes.

Beginner’s Mind

Be willing to suspend what you ‘think’ you know to discover what you know. When we surrender our need to be right and ‘know,’ we enter into a sacred space of allowing what we need to know to come our way. Know with ALL of you. Enter a state of flow. Relax. Allow. Know.


Assumption, attachment, value statements, comparison; these are all judgments. When we let go of these, we free ourselves from taking the world so personally and step into our objective power.
Release stress and see more clearly. Free others from your limiting beliefs.
Free yourself from judgment.


Learning happens through risk-taking. Courage is required. Acceptance happens through a willingness to embrace what is and refrain from criticism. When we surrender our need to control every detail, the minutiae of our lives, we enjoy the fullness of being wherever we are. Release the fear of being powerless. You are more powerful in your acceptance and powerless when you think you are in control.


Breath is life. Take a break. There is no need to rush. Breathe… feel the energy within you. Relax… listen to your wisdom. Be grateful. Pause for power. Pause for clarity. Open to surrender.

Wisdom awaits your willingness and surrender.Gupta Deva