Balance is tenuous at best. We all deal with ups and downs in our moods, careers, finances, relationships, weight, etc. It seems as if balance is something out of reach. But, as Gupta Deva reminds us, “All things return to balance.”

We would never know balance without knowing imbalance. This is polarity in action. So being out of balance or off-center is important to experience so we can also experience balance fully when we become aware of it.

We would never know balance without knowing imbalance. This is polarity in action.

If polarity is contrasting or opposite places or points of view, balance must surely be keeping both in sight while maintaining your own perspective. What can you do to make this possible?

Begin by asking yourself questions. Querying our beliefs and values helps us understand, more fully, what we think and feel about everything.

Ask yourself questions and refrain from asking others for their opinions or thoughts. When you involve others, you muddy the waters of your own understanding.

Take some time for you. No distractions. No interruptions. Just get quiet and trust that clarity will come your way. Give yourself permission to consult yourself first and allow yourself to take whatever answers come your way into consideration for a time. Just allow whatever you find to rest lightly in your mind and on your heart for a while. Then ask yourself even more questions about what you are finding.

Take the time to fully consider, think and feel things through and you will establish what your perspective is.

Then, look around you and notice the perspectives of others. Whether they agree with your perspective or not is unimportant. You have your perspective and they will have theirs. It is possible to honor and allow others to have their opinions and perspectives and remain balanced in your own.

From the moment we form an inflexible and rigid idea of what we believe or value, we find ourselves off-balance. Be flexible in what you believe and value. Weigh it on the merits that it serve you and not the other way around. If it serves you, if it sits well with your heart, then hold onto it until it no longer does. Be willing to allow things to come and go without resistance. If you resist, you choose to live a life of pain. If you allow things to pass through you, you will find life to be more balanced.

Ready? Give it a try. It may take a bit of time for you to get in the flow and make it work but it will be worth it. Life is just one big lesson. There is no pass or fail. Keep trying. You’ve got this!

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