Jean Hamilton-Fford

I Believe

  • we are all connected infinitely and in an infinite number of ways with everything and everyone in the Universe and beyond.
  • anything is possible and everything is easy if we allow it to be so.
  • all things are love. Everything reduces to love. Everything returns to love.
  • in honest, frank, open discussion and breaking down barriers put up through conditioning and mythology.
  • in respect and a loving exchange of ideas and perspective.
  • in limitless possibilities and a brighter tomorrow.

More information you might find of interest

Jean Hamilton-Fford is a global citizen and a student of Life. She is a beautiful crone of over 50 years and is a transplanted American in the UK.

Beginning her working life as a Candy Striper (volunteer) in a military hospital and ending it as a Senior Manager in an NHS hospital, her working days have been filled with variety and interest. With over 35 years of experience in arts and entertainment, hospitality, health care, pharmaceutical, corporate, SME, marketing, finance, administration, insurance, manufacturing, charity and global relations, Jean has led a stimulating working life.

An Amazon author, Jean has written many books with her husband, Jon, including murder mysteries, ribald humor, fantasy, thriller and children’s stories. She hopes to have them all published on Amazon by 2020. She is an international speaker and has spoken to a variety of audiences including corporate, small business, educational, international and even to group from the United Nations in Vienna, Austria.

She grew up on a farm learning the wild ways and has lived in cosmopolitan cities and small towns.

A variety of sports and musical instruments filled her young days and amateur dramatics and singing in University choirs filled her early adult life.

An artist, polymath and fire starter, she enjoys studying different belief systems.

Now, Jean is retired and dealing with Charcot Marie Tooth, type 1a, a degenerative genetic disease that is taking away the use of her hands and feet. Currently, there is no cure or treatment. There is, however, hope.

She writes and has a host of projects waiting for her attention.

Connecting and speaking with beautiful people all over the globe, Jean is eager to encourage, uplift and support where possible.